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The digital wave

  • Learn more about the business value of digitalisation for the maritime industry and deep dive into the new business models that rely heavily on digitalisation, connectivity, and collaboration.
  • Take a closer look at how crews and shore-based teams are using digital technologies today, and the connectivity they rely on for work and leisure time.
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Transforming vessels into floating offices and remote homes.  

Recent progress in connectivity and digital technologies has profoundly impacted all areas of modern life. Noticeably, the maritime industry is also experiencing transformative changes on a global scale with significant implications for the future.  

As the global shift to digitalisation accelerates, ships increasingly function as floating offices. Many ship owners and operators have already embraced satellite communications as a vital link between ship and shore, propelling a surge of smart technologies that can enhance the safety, cost-efficiency and environmental performance of today’s vessels. ‘Always-on’ and collaborative software is becoming increasingly critical for operations and seafarer welfare as the reliance on digital technologies increases. A clear trend observed during the research is that the use of digital tools and applications is changing as ships get closer to shore. 66% of survey respondents said their reliance on tools changes as they sail nearer to shore, while 63% said remote operations increase.

Our latest report, conducted in partnership with Thetius, will guide you through today’s shipping business models, which rely heavily on digitalisation, connectivity, and collaboration.

Using a combination of interviews and survey data, we examined why a cohesive approach to data management is vital for shipping today.


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