Enabling Digitalisation

At Inmarsat we do things differently. We are passionate visionaries. We never stop innovating or pushing boundaries to open new doors. With application hosting on Fleet Edge - our new onboard edge computing platform - we are embarking on a new level of digitalisation at sea.

Fleet Edge is a revolutionary new API gateway to our industry leading high-speed Fleet Xpress service[link to service page]. For the first time technology operators and software developers can access the world’s shipping fleets. From container ships to LNG carriers, from super yachts to fishing, over 10,000 vessels rely on Fleet Xpress to communicate back to shore every single day. Application hosting on Fleet Edge can fast track your route into the maritime world and provide the key to unlocking a world of commercial possibilities at sea.

Powerful cloud computing at sea

Support the industry’s drive to boost operational excellence, strengthen crew welfare initiatives and meet regulations for safety, security, and sustainability. Transfer your value proposition to the seas with access to an uninterrupted, secure satellite connection to a vessel, using Fleet Xpress. With unlimited back up and unrivalled 99.9% availability from anywhere in the world, you and your developers will always remain connected, without fail.

Reach a new market without the need to devote time and money developing hardware or creating complex algorithms. Fleet Edge offers the ability to use the vessels existing Fleet Xpress communications equipment and powerful cloud computing capabilities. Instantly resolve queries with remote diagnostics and management. Make fleet-wide updates in seconds without the need to physically send your engineers to the vessel.

Dedicated independent bandwidth

Maximise the potential of your solution without interrupting ship operations. Benefit from your own dedicated bandwidth stream with Fleet Connect [link to service page], giving you complete independence from the vessel’s business-critical bandwidth.

Third party hosting

Easily deploy your solution across the world’s fleets with our hosting facility. Rest assured, with us you’ll be in safe hands. We’ll never let your solution be compromised because we own and operate every component of our satellite infrastructure, so you’re guaranteed a completely secure connection without fail.

What’s the benefit for fleet owners?

Fleet owners are under increasing pressure to be more competitive, cut emissions and drive efficiencies. With Fleet Xpress they’re opening their vessel to a new levels of digitalisation, Internet of Things (IoT) and cutting-edge applications to help them meet their objectives.

Be part of a digital transformation at sea. Fleet Edge, your gateway to a new world of commercial opportunity. 

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