Your fully managed service

NexusWave is a fully managed connectivity service powered by innovative network bonding technology and intelligent orchestration of a multi-dimensional network.  NexusWave offers high -speed connectivity, unlimited data, global coverage, and ‘secure by design’ infrastructure trusted by global enterprises and governments.

NexusWave delivers fast, always-on connectivity by seamlessly integrating multiple high-speed networks in real time – Global Xpress (GX) Ka-band, low-Earth orbit (LEO) services, and as-available coastal LTE service – with an additional layer of L-band for resiliency.

Designed to provide an unparalleled experience in line with evolving customer needs, NexusWave connectivity solution supports digitalisation and crew welfare initiatives by transforming ships into floating offices and homes.

Powered by the bonded network

With NexusWave, you’ll discover fast and reliable connection available worldwide. This is made possible through our cutting-edge network bonding technology and intelligent orchestration of a multi-dimensional network.

Our bonded network keeps your operations running smoothly: we aim to provide managed performance levels even during spikes in demand, or when a vessel is in a hotspot.

Comprised of GEO, LEO, LTE, and L-band, the bonded network is underpinned by our unique SD-WAN implementation: an engineering achievement capable of orchestrating and bonding multiple network sources together in real time.

Data will flow encrypted through our secure-by-design infrastructure, which is audited by the IMO and supports you to go beyond maritime cybersecurity requirements.

Connected Confidence


  • Managed performance experience tailored to the customer needs
  • Always-on connectivity
  • Unlimited data volumes
  • Complete transparency on total cost of ownership - no unexpected charges
  • Upgrade path to ViaSat-3 network

High Performance

  • Bonded network capacity leveraging all networks
  • Seamless user experience
  • Continuous connectivity regardless of vessel’s location & requirements - even in hotspots
  • Plans designed to meet customer objectives

Secure by Design

  • Segregated networks: corporate network, operational technology, crew network
  • Top-tier security infrastructure
  •  Improved security enabled through SD-WAN with encrypted overlays
  • Additional level of value-added services to further enhance security

Global Coverage

  • Global coverage from underlying networks
  • Management of underlays for the best performance, even in hotspots

Global Support

  • Maintenance and support anywhere in the world
  • Enabled by knowledge & experience of global network of experts & engineers

Managed connectivity for the experience you require

Select a plan that enhances your business, operational, and crew experience - whether by powering mission-critical applications, relaying vessel data back to shore, or keeping your crew connected.

We’ll work closely with you to make sure the selected plan meets your requirements and priorities.

NexusWave partners you with the most experienced team in the maritime industry.

You’ll benefit from top-level technical support, as well as our commitment to continual service improvement.

You will also have access to the Self Serve Portals that offer a responsive, intuitive dashboard for swift decision-making and makes it easier to monitor connection, data usage and the location of your vessels.

The power of one

The maritime connectivity market is complex. Inmarsat’s NexusWave makes the process simple, consolidating everything your fleet may need in one unified solution.

While solving today’s problems is a priority, we should always look to the future to see what challenges and opportunities are arriving tomorrow, next year, and in the years to come.​ We’re committed to a program of continuous service improvement with an upgrade path. The future-proof NexusWave will also integrate the next-generation ultra-high capacity high-speed ViaSat-3 Ka-band service, following expected entry into service in 2025.

NexusWave empowers you to streamline your connectivity to the power of one: one unified solution, one contract, one consistent experience, all in one, flat monthly fee.

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