We’ve been at the forefront of maritime safety for over four decades, constantly innovating to safeguard our seafaring community with a critical lifeline back to shore. Today we continue to help raise the standards of wellbeing and mental health for the hundreds of thousands of mariners who dedicate their lives to maintaining our global supply chain. Working with leading seafarer charities and ship owners, we recognise the mounting pressure faced by seafarers. Decreasing crews and longer shift patterns, combined with months away from loved ones, can increase the feeling of isolation and have a detrimental impact on mental health and productivity. The need to provide reliable connectivity to crew has never been more critical.

Independent bandwidth for crew and business

That’s why we’re helping owners achieve a new standard of life onboard. Offering an easy way to connect your crew with a lifeline back home, Crew Xpress separates the needs of your internet bandwidth onboard. Based on Inmarsat’s industry leading Fleet Xpress service, now for the first time you’re able to provide ultra-high-speed always-on crew internet without impacting your day-to-day business-critical communication. Crew connectivity needn’t be a burden on your bottom line, make your satcoms package work for the needs of your vessel and your crew.

Self-managing service

Eliminate the time needed to manage access with a self-serve internet portal; crew can simply select and manage their own packages. Deliver a new level of freedom for crew to access the internet from anywhere on the vessel using their own device. Remove potential payment obstacles by giving them the flexibility to access a range of payment options in their own currency via credit or debit card, PayPal or AliPay.

Reward seafarer excellence

Easily create reward incentives and vouchers to recognise seafarer excellence. Stand out in a crowded market to attract and retain the best crew by giving them the freedom to access the industry’s number one maritime VSAT service, anywhere and anytime with dedicated crew Wi-Fi, Fleet Hotspot. High-speed global internet connectivity will keep seafarers coming back time after time.

Easily upgrade

Offering a choice of 3GB or 6GB Fleet Xpress data packages for day-to-day business communications, combined with Fleet Hotspot for independent self-service bandwidth for crew, you can quickly and easily adapt your plans with the changing demands of your vessel. There’s no need to update your hardware either, Crew Xpress consists of a 60cm Global Xpress antenna and below deck unit.

Achieve gold standard connectivity onboard with limitless potential to enhance wellbeing at sea. Establish a digital lifeline home that won’t affect your business-critical communication and will keep your crew happy, productive and loyal voyage after voyage. 

What's included:

  • 1 x 60cm Global Xpress antenna and below deck unit
  • Separate Fleet Hotspot crew Wi-Fi portal and bandwidth – seafarers can easily access internet on their own devices
  • You can now choose between the 3GB or 6GB Fleet Xpress data plan for day-to-day business communications

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