EUKOR Car Carriers, one of the world’s largest shipping companies specialising in the transportation of cars and other rolling cargo, selected Global Xpress for their fleet of 27 vessels, for connectivity across the Indian Ocean region, with plans to roll-out full global coverage across their fleet with, Fleet Xpress when the network goes live in 2016.

Fleet Xpress sets the new standard in connectivity at sea, by offering a global high-speed satellite communications through its hybrid L-band and Global Xpress Ka-band service on one single global network.  Fleet Xpress delivers guaranteed data rates and unparalleled reliability across every aspect of the maritime industry.

The challenge

Ship operators such as EUKOR, currently have the challenge of navigating around a patchwork of different VSAT networks with fluctuating service availability and quality to try and obtain high-speed broadband connectivity for their vessels.  This connectivity is now an essential component for efficient onboard operations and to transform shipboard life.

One of EUKOR’s goals is to improve business operations across its fleet of global vessels.  With a worldwide network connecting over 220 ports, truly global connectivity is essential to position them to best meet their customers’ needs, both now and in the future. Fleet Xpress will bring them one step closer to achieving their goals by optimising operational efficiency, safety and environmental performance.

The future with Fleet Xpress

Fleet Xpress will open up a new ecosystem of maritime solutions and business applications. With real-time analysis of data such as engine monitoring, fixed running costs, consumption rates for various fuel types, and weather data, a maritime operator could optimise a voyage for financial performance rather than just time or distance, and avoid costly repairs with preventative maintenance programmes. It will no longer be about a one-to-one communication system between a vessel and shore operations, but rather multiple connections between every element of a vessel and the outside world.

The power of Fleet Xpress will also be instrumental enabling innovative future-thinking technology, one such example is the Advanced Autonomous Waterborne Applications Initiative (AAWAI). The initiative led by Rolls Royce, will explore the business case for autonomous applications and the potential future of the autonomous vessel.