Inmarsat Maritime delivers state of the art TVRO technology and have fitted more than 2,000 TVRO systems since 1995.
We remain one of the most experienced providers of maritime TV, with extensive experience in supporting the equipment in demanding sea conditions.
Rack mount

TVRO system may be delivered with a pre-built and factory tested rack for high quality and versatility. When XpressLink is acquired at the same time, the two systems can be installed in a common rack.

Chameleon processor

Contains both modulator and receiver, and with multi-CAM installed several channels from a transponder can be decoded simultaneously. The rack handles four transponders and the output from each can contain from two HD to eight SD channels, combining TV and radio.

Quality assurance

The Network Operations Centre (NOC) handles the 24/7 support function, manned continuous by our support engineers. Initial contact by telephone, email or the reporting form located in our ShipBook customer portal is dealt with immediately.

This ensures all support is handled within one unit.

Project management

The project department handles the pre-sales process to ensure your installation is a success. They work closely with our vendors in order to provide the optimal solution.

  • State of the art TVRO technology
  • Renting option which is economical and easy
  • A happy crew that are able to stay updated on news and current events
  • Digital all the way
  • More robust wrt noise and ghosting
  • 18U rack gives a compact solution
  • TV with built-in DVB-C receiver or a set-top box is required

For a complete listing of third party solutions that have been certified for use over our network, please visit our solutions page.

HD solutions

Inmarsat delivers a digital solution that relays HD signals by using DVB-C modulation on existing coaxial network.

ST 24

0.6 metre stabilised antenna

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> 0.6 metre stabilised antenna in 29” radome
> Weight 33 kg
> User manuals in English
> GACP (touch) control


1.2 metre stabilised antenna

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> 1.2 metre stabilised antenna in 61” radome
> Weight approx. 104 kg
> User manual in English
> DAC 2202 control unit


1.5 metre stabilised antenna in 76” radome

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1.5 metre stabilised antenna in 76” radome
> Weight approx. 159 kg
> User manual in English
> DAC 2202 control unit


1.25 metre stabilised antenna in 66.5” radome

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> 1.25 metre stabilised antenna in 66.5” radome
> Control unit
> Global LNB
> Weight approx. 117
> User manual in English

18U rack

Below Deck, Rack (CanalDigital solution)

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> DVB-S/S2 processor, four inputs
> 15.6″ touch screen computer for easy monitoring and maintenance of the system (Option)
> Multiswitch w/ 8 outputs

Inmarsat provides stabilised antennas with excellent reception for any region of the world. Our TVRO solutions are tailored to customer needs. Below is an example of coverage on the Thor 5 satellite for our Scandinavian customers.