Satcom Direct marks decade as Inmarsat partner for SwiftBroadband

22 February 2018: Inmarsat business aviation partner Satcom Direct (SD) is celebrating 10 years of partnership with Inmarsat as a provider of our SwiftBroadband service.

L to R – Rupert Pearce CEO, Inmarsat and David Greenhill, President, Satcom Direct

The milestone anniversary was announced to delegates attending the connectivity provider’s annual Connecting with Customers (CwC) client and partner event in Austin, Texas, where Inmarsat CEO Rupert Pearce presented a framed version of the original license to one of SD’s founders David Greenhill, as a mark of our long-standing partnership.

SD was confirmed as an aerospace distribution license partner for Inmarsat in 2008, enabling the business to resell our IP-based data service, SwiftBroadband, to the business aviation sector.

Significant enabler

Since then, SD has maintained its position as Inmarsat’s largest aeronautical service provider and has been recognised as a significant enabler for the growth of the SwiftBroadband service.

Moving forwards, SD will continue to support SwiftBroadband services for the international business aviation sector in addition to expanding its provision of our high-speed broadband Jet ConneX service.

Both SwiftBroadband and Jet ConneX systems are supported by the SD router family, which optimise in-flight connectivity efficiency, as well as delivering a growing portfolio of SD applications.

Close relationships

“Satcom Direct has been an Inmarsat partner for more than 20 years now and its continued support of our SwiftBroadband service over the past decade has directly influenced our success in this business, making the aero market one of our most successful divisions,” said Rupert Pearce.

“We are always striving to improve the customer experience and improve our products but can only do that by building close relationships with our partners to identify and deliver exactly what the market needs.”

“We are delighted to mark a decade of working with Inmarsat to provide high-speed data services to aviation,” said David Greenhill.

Mutual success

“When we first received our license the concept of a digitised, connected, business aviation network was still very new. Today it is a fundamental part of aircraft operations and is a part of the business that we are committed to supporting, developing and evolving.

“Strong, long-term relationships with our partners are essential to our mutual success, but more importantly, enable us to provide our clients with the connectivity they expect. We look forward to our next decade supplying these services.”