Record Dubai Airshow sales to drive connectivity demand

Dubai Airshow drives connectivity demand

21 November 2013: The 2013 Dubai Airshow announced record-breaking orders for more than 250 aircraft within hours of opening.

Inmarsat was at the UAE event showing it is best-placed to service these airlines’ connectivity needs, plus those of business and military users.

Inmarsat GX Aviation partner Honeywell displayed its new GX fuselage mount antenna for wide-body aircraft, which will form an integral part of the high-speed broadband service.

GX workshops

Inmarsat Aviation regional director Ben Griffin and Honeywell ran a series of workshops at the show to outline the benefits of GX connectivity to both business and air transport customers.

Also exhibiting at the show were a number of Inmarsat partners, promoting equipment and services for SwiftBroadband.

Satcom Direct showcased its new Satcom Direct Router (SDR). This can integrate with any satcom system, manage cabin communications, run software apps and connect to 3G/4G cellular networks.

VIP solution

Eclipse promoted its Aero+ range of solutions for bizjets, including connectivity, VoIP, SwiftBroadband channel bonding and video. It also showcased its roll on/roll off aero satcoms solution for the Boeing C-17 and Lockheed Martin C-130.

This can bond up to four SwiftBroadband channels and be quickly fitted to the aircraft using the existing Tecom connectors. Eclipse has already sold the system to three European military customers and demonstrated it to others.


Cobham SATCOM promoted its new Aviator S family of satellite communications systems. These are being designed for data-connected air transport aircraft, ranging from regional turboprops to large jets, and will be certified in 2015.

It also gave visitors a sneak preview of Helga – its new high-power, low-noise, amplifier and diplexer-enhanced low gain antenna.

Helga is designed to work with Inmarsat’s enhanced SwiftBroadband service, and will be effective down to five degrees satellite elevation above the horizon.

Positive news

ARINC said that Middle Eastern interest in its Cabin Connect in-flight internet Wi-Fi system has rocketed over the past few months. This may be due to positive news from the 12-month trial currently being conducted by Virgin Atlantic on three of its aircraft.

These have been equipped with ARINC’s Cabin Connect system, which uses a single-channel Inmarsat SwiftBroadband connection.

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