Inmarsat appoints KORE as M2M distribution partner

Inmarsat appoints KORE as M2M DP

13 November 2013: KORE, a wireless service provider specialising in M2M communications, has been appointed as an Inmarsat machine-to-machine (M2M) distribution partner.

KORE will now offer Inmarsat’s M2M services as part of its Global Connect™ network portfolio, giving users of KORE devices and applications access to continuous and reliable, always-on connectivity anywhere in the world using one global SIM from Inmarsat.

For Inmarsat, this is the latest in a series of partnerships and agreements with M2M service providers who recognise the importance of offering their end-users real-time, IP based, two-way satellite connectivity similar to their IP-based cellular technologies.

Growing role

“The addition of Inmarsat’s services to KORE’s portfolio reinforces, yet again, the growing role that satellite communications plays within M2M,” said Ronald Spithout, President, Inmarsat Enterprise.

“Whether transmitting data from devices in remote locations – outside the footprint of terrestrial networks – or tracking assets within a highly congested urban environment where competition for bandwidth is intense, Inmarsat offers an unmatched level of reliability for the delivery of critical data anywhere in the world.

“And, of crucial importance to KORE, we can deliver satellite connectivity services for their customers entirely within one IP environment.”

Simplified access

KORE’s M2M users will immediately enjoy the value of Inmarsat services but will also benefit from the investments the leading mobile satellite company is making to further simplify access to the network in the future.

Inmarsat is developing M2M chipsets that can be embedded into devices, eliminating the need for additional equipment and allowing for automatic switching between cellular and satellite, ensuring that there is never interruption in connectivity.

Alex Brisbourne, President and Chief Operating Officer of KORE, said: “By integrating Inmarsat’s satellite services into our Global Connect portfolio, our customers and partners and providers can enjoy an added layer of reliability for transmitting critical data from anywhere in the world.

“M2M users are requiring more robust data capability from both isolated and congested locations. With Inmarsat now a part of the mix, we are able to make M2M work better.”

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