Brazilian seal of approval for IsatPhone portfolio

24 October 2014: Inmarsat’s IsatPhone portfolio of handheld satellite phones has been approved for operation in Brazil and will be distributed by Globalsat Brazil, the Brazil-based operating member of Globalsat Group.

Globalsat Group, which has been a leading provider of mobile satellite services in Latin America since 1999, is now able to distribute both IsatPhone Pro and IsatPhone 2. Both handheld satellite phones provide reliable voice, date and GPS location services to enable seamless and reliable communications in areas where terrestrial and mobile networks cannot reach.

A favourite with emergency first responders, humanitarian aid organisations, journalists reporting from the field, companies operating in mining, and oil and maritime industries, the phones operate over Inmarsat’s award-winning global I-4 satellite network.

‘Tremendous potential’

“We are expanding our service offerings into Brazil, the seventh-largest economy in the world and one of the fastest-growing, because we see a tremendous potential for growth in the satellite communications space in the country,” said Roberto Darias, Director of Sales in Latin America for Inmarsat’s Enterprise business unit.

IsatPhone Pro and IsatPhone 2 both have their own unique features, and are engineered to operate in extreme conditions, providing peace of mind to users that they can remain in contact at all times.

“Ranking fifth among the countries of the world in territory, Brazil has many remote areas where reliable voice and data connections are required but difficult or impossible to find,” said Alberto Palacios, CEO of Globalsat Group.

“We are excited to finally provide companies and government entities operating in such industries as mining, power, shipping and humanitarian relief the ability to communicate where and when it’s needed most.”

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