For over 4.8 billion people globally, the internet has become a necessity. Essential for connecting with loved ones and conducting our everyday lives, the internet has reshaped how we live and work. In 2022 there will be more internet traffic than in all previous years combined, with more than 28 billion fixed and mobile personal devices globally[1].

For the global supply chain, connectivity has been a revolution, changing the face of the maritime world forever. In a sector previously rooted in tradition, a pioneering new identity is growing. The intelligent ship has become a reality and is now more connected than ever.

Maritime innovation hub

For over 40 years Inmarsat has been defining connectivity at sea. We are passionate innovators, forming partnerships with disruptors, accelerators and start-ups to challenge the status quo and push the frontiers of possibility. Continually investing in people and technology, we strive to be the best in what we do. By opening a gateway into our industry-leading Fleet Xpress service, we are encouraging innovators from outside the sector to make a difference – fuelling cutting edge technology and applications for vessel performance, voyage optimisation and crew welfare. We are committed to helping the industry not merely to survive but to thrive.  

World’s first IoT data platform at sea

We recognise that with the power of digitalisation comes the exponential rise in the volume of data. The challenge for ship owners is how to manage this data with the limitations of being at sea? To transform the collection, transfer, storage and analysis of data, we have developed the industry’s first supplier agnostic IoT data platform, Fleet Data. Enabling you to get to the facts faster than ever and driving performance-based decisions, we are fundamentally changing the future of fleet management, optimising vessels for maximum efficiency.

One step ahead of change

Digitalisation has paved the way for a new era in shipping. The question is what comes next? As industry innovators, we are constantly evolving and looking at what lies ahead. That’s why we’re working with the world’s leading research organisations and universities to keep our finger on the pulse of what’s happening in our sector. In Trade 2.0, we look at how the staggering rise in the ShipTech (shipping and maritime technology) market is set to transform the sector over the next three decades – from big data and blockchain to artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing.

[1] Visual Networking Index (VNI), forecast Cisco Systems (2018) 

Fleet Data Academy

The digital ship is becoming a reality, but with so many sensors and applications on board, just how do you make sense of it all? 

Fleet Data

Strengthen business intelligence, reduce fuel emissions, enhance vessel performance, and save lives at sea with Fleet Data. 

Fleet Connect

Extend the reach of your application at sea by having your own dedicated connection to thousands of vessels in real-time across the world’s oceans.

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We have a range of application providers in our directory across our Fleet Data and Fleet Connect services.

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