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Decarbonisation toolkit

  • According to Inmarsat’s 'The Optimal Route research’, though digital decarbonisation technologies can help, shipping can achieve up to 38% reduction in absolute carbon emissions.
  • This toolkit unifies the very best approaches to decarbonisation and brings insights and action steps together in one place for the first time and is packed full of real-world examples and testimony from some of the maritime industries most forward-thinking leaders.
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Decarbonising shipping is more than a commitment to the future sustainability of planet Earth. 

It is an issue of business continuity and a key component in fostering relevant and resilient shipping companies fit for this decade and beyond.

Regardless of size or specialism, all shipping companies looking to stay compliant, relevant, and competitive in the years ahead, must generate sustainable shipping initiatives and put them into action to build an effective energy transition plan.

Revealing the results of our latest research programme conducted in partnership with Thetius, this transformative toolkit will guide you through a model process for developing a practical strategy to reach your maritime decarbonisation goals.

We have examined some of the best tools for yielding results and those which have the potential to extend the economic lives of maritime assets and increase business value and resilience over time.

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  • The “three-by-three” transition model, which breaks the process into three practical planning phases.
  • Understand how these planning phases are applied across three transition domains - the operation, the asset, and the human element. 
  • Eight action steps which provide a pathway to building coherent transition plans and putting them into action.
  • Exclusive insight and testimony from maritime business leaders who are achieving positive results from their decarbonisation tools.
  • A unifying picture on how to join the art and the science of maritime decarbonisation from planning to execution and getting results.