As a Certified Application Provider, Fleet Connect gives you access to tens of thousands of vessels and seafarers across the world’s oceans with your own dedicated bandwidth. A secure API provides direct access to the vessel which isn’t constrained or interrupted by crew or operational traffic. This allows you to remotely install, manage and update your applications onboard remotely from the comfort of your office. It means that you can optimise the delivery of your service while your users are thousands of miles away in the middle of the ocean.

With Fleet Connect, Inmarsat separates bandwidth usage, giving you an independent internet connection that won’t affect business-critical vessel operations or crew communication. Giving you uninterrupted access, so you can be sure your application is always available.

We remove the need for any costly development of communication hardware just to run your application. You can simply use our existing communication hardware that’s already installed on over 45,000 vessels around the world.

For applications that specifically require large amounts of data, Fleet Connect works seamlessly with our award-winning Fleet Xpress service, offering the highest connection speeds available at sea. Combine this with Fleet Edge our advanced edge cloud computing platform, and you can remotely access, transfer and analyse data quickly. Remote management also means you can diagnose queries instantly and keep your customers happy.

Defining a new era of connectivity at sea, Fleet Connect used in combination with Fleet Xpress is enabling the digitalisation of shipping. The transformational service is trusted by thousands of vessels across the globe – from merchant ships to fishing vessels, offshore support vessels to superyachts. Extend the reach of your solution to the ends of the ocean, knowing you’ll never compromise on your service level commitment. 

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