Bringing the ‘digital yacht’ to life for anyone in the yachting industry

The Digital Yacht Series introduces six key topics that have been specifically tailored to help the superyacht, yachting, explorer and racing communities capitalise on the latest developments in onboard connectivity and harness the power of the new digital era.

Throughout the series we will explore how the rapid growth of digitalisation in the yachting sector is revolutionising different areas of superyacht management, design, operation and efficiency, changing the guest and crew onboard experience, enhancing elite racing performance, improving safety and cyber security, and increasing accessibility to worldwide and remote cruising.

Live and virtual events

Hosted by our Yachting Ambassador Nick Moloney, a record-breaking sailor, adventurer and public speaker, each event will feature industry experts and guests, elite performance personnel, and Inmarsat specialists.

By providing analysis of each topic, the digitalisation initiative will highlight future trends and opportunities, demonstrate how technology and systems already in place are benefiting the world’s best sailors, superyacht professionals and crew, and yacht designers and managers, and, crucially, outline how these solutions can be used and adapted by a range of mariners for different applications.

Digital yacht series

Episode 1: Performance Sailing and The Ocean Race

Episode 2: Design for digitalisation


Episode 1: Performance Sailing and The Ocean Race

Our first event looked at the impact of digitalisation on performance sailing, with a special focus on the Ocean Race. Watch the recording below:


To introduce the first event theme, Nick Moloney spoke with Simon Fisher, 11th Hour’s Navigator, as he prepared for the launch of The Ocean Race Europe 2021 and The Ocean Race 2022 – 23. He provided the inside view of how reliable, continuous satellite connectivity is transforming the decision-making, racing tactics and design of the latest yachts and looks back at the changes in communications technology used in the race over the last 20 years.

Nick Moloney: Inmarsat Yachting Ambassador

Nick Moloney is an Australian yachtsman / professional sailor, adventurer and businessman. He has competed at multiple world elite level sailing events including the America's Cup.

Nick has circumnavigated the globe three times under sail; the 1997-98 Whitbread Round the World Race (now known as the Volvo Ocean Race), established a new outright World Sailing Speed Record for the fastest circumnavigation under sail in 2002 (the Jules Verne Trophy) and Around the World Solo in the 2004-5 Vendee Globe Race.

His career boasts 14 X various World Sailing Speed Records and 1 X Guinness World Record for becoming the first/fastest and still the only person to have windsurfed non-stop and un-assisted across the notorious Bass Strait in a time of 22 hours and 11 minutes. 

Episode 2:  Design for Digitalisation

In this episode we talk to Rachel Oliver, from Osprey Technical Consulting, about exciting new remote technology developments that are changing the superyacht world.  Watch the recording below.

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