Insight | IMO 2021 Cruise & Ferry Cyber Requirements


IMO 2021 cruise & ferry requirements - are you ready?


Cyber Security Requirements for IMO 2021 covers the new IMO obligations and implications for cruise ship and ferry professionals. 

By IMO resolution, passenger ship Safety Management Systems must be documented as including cyber risk management under the International Safety Management Code no later than the first annual audit after 1 January 2021.

The report offers unique insights into our cyber security experience and examples of real cyberattacks on vessels, providing cruise ship and ferry owners, managers, captains, engineers and technical officers with a guide to the criteria for compliance.


The research report includes:

  • Ship threats and vulnerabilities
  • Hardware, software and personnel

  • Systems inventory
  • Risk assessment scope
  • Responsibilities

  • Responding to, recovering from and training for cyber attacks
  • A pathway to compliance
  • Compliance checklist

  • An introduction
  • Security and endpoints
  • FSE onboard

  • Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover
  • Recovery, reporting, manageability
  • FSE compliance checklist

  • Dashboard and alerting
  • FSE use in context
  • Real case studies

To download the full report, please click below.