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Digitalisation Uncovered, what's next for shipping?


Digitalisation Uncovered captures insights from shipowners and ship managers in a period of technology transition. Increasing commitment to IoT-enabled solutions and a broadening range of applications in use signal a clear acceleration in maritime digitalisation, but challenges remain. The survey received 368 responses and all respondents had a role in the purchase and application usage of digital solutions. 

Download the report - Digitalisation Uncovered - What's Next for Shipping? which includes interviews with ABB, Bureau Veritas, G2Ocean, and Hempel and outlines how our digital solutions, in collaboration with an ever-increasing network of certified partners, are supporting the industry's key digitalisation drivers in real-time, including operational efficiency, regulatory compliance and crew training. 

Report takeaways include

  • Knowledge of the key drivers of digitalisation 
  • Understanding of the costs-versus-savings of digitalisation 
  • Findings of which solutions are attracting the most interest 
  • A snapshot of the range and scope of suppliers, from startups to established OEMs 

Key findings

71% of respondents give their primary drivers for digitalisation as cost reduction and operational efficiencies.

The findings point to a rapidly increasing need to get data off a vessel in real-time as opposed to using more manual methods.

83% of those planning to deploy more fleet and vessel performance solutions want to deploy fuel optimisation and fuel monitoring applications within 24 months.

Of the respondents willing to quantify (80%), 91% said they expected some kind of saving - ranging from marginal (1-5%) to substantial.