Insight | Superyacht Connectivity Report 2019


Superyacht Connectivity Report 2019


As the growth of digitalisation onboard continues, research has revealed that 80% of superyacht professionals surveyed expect to use VSAT for more than half the time onboard within the next five years. But what exactly are yacht owners using satcoms for? Where will demand coming from? What does the future of satcoms onboard look like?

Building on 2018’s Superyacht Connectivity Report, the 2019 report examines the use of satcoms onboard and reveals the future connectivity requirements of the market. Conducted by The Superyacht Intelligence Agency and produced in association with Inmarsat, the report examines insights collated from captains, chief engineers and engineers, electrical technical officers, first officers and crew, across a range of vessel sizes globally from 24m to over 100m.

Key findings

Communications methods and usage 

The findings predict a surge in reliance on satellite connectivity with the vast majority of respondents (80%) suggesting they’ll be using VSAT for more than 50% of the time onboard in the next five years. According to the report this growth will be fuelled by a number of factors including:

  • Demand for Internet of Things (IoT) applications – currently respondents predict IoT will account for 6.2% of operational connectivity demand, increasing to 24.7 per cent by 2024
  • Demand for TV over IP streaming – currently 24% of respondents are using 50% or more of their connectivity use on TV over IP streaming, growing to 58% by 2024
  • Demand for safety and compliance – on average, respondents believed that onboard systems relating to safety required the greatest proportion (25.9%) of the connectivity demand, closely followed by navigational equipment (22.7%).

Cyber risk

Despite a surge in the use of digital applications onboard there is still a lack of cyber security awareness with more than 80% of respondents showing a lack of understanding on measures of cyber protection. Only 17% know the difference between anti-virus software and more secure endpoint protection, and alarmingly 7.5% of respondents say that no one oversees cyber security onboard.

Spend to increase

Spend on satellite communications is predicted to increase with 34% of respondents’ spend between €5,000 and €20,000 monthly, growing to 57% by 2024.

Need for speed

With a surge in demand for connectivity to support both operational and leisure needs, the report suggests current speeds fall short of requirements. But there is general positivity in the medium and long term that speeds will increase to fulfil upload and download needs.


of respondents spend between €5,000 and €20,000 per month


of operational connectivity demand will be for IoT applications by 2024


are using >50% of their connectivity on TV over IP streaming