Fleet Secure Portfolio

Is your vessel cyber secure?

Cybercrime is an inevitable downside of a digital economy, so putting practical mitigation strategies in place has to be a priority for every fleet operator and ship manager, both shore-side and at sea.

The potential risks of a cyberattack on a vessel include:

  • Interruption of operations – a virus affecting onboard systems can cause costly delays in getting to port
  • Loss of business-sensitive information and resulting risk of blackmail
  • Insurance cover – impact on premiums due to lack of cyber security measures
  • Loss of reputation – corporate image can be tarnished if a company is seen as being vulnerable to hackers
  • Privacy impact – new regulations such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), will see companies fined for failing to secure employee information

For 40 years, Inmarsat has been trusted with seafarers’ safety. Now the maritime industry can rely on us to help mitigate and report on their vessels cyber risk.

Our range of security services will assist in keeping you safe from cyberattack by powering cyber resilience at sea. Find out more about:

  • Fleet Secure Endpoint – a powerful multi-layered endpoint security solution for remote monitoring of onboard computers
  • Fleet Secure UTM – a set of tools to assist in protecting fleets from cyberattack, detect vulnerabilities and respond to threats
  • Fleet Secure Cyber Awareness – a mobile training app for crew to gain up-to-date cyber security knowledge

To compare the available options please download the Fleet Secure Comparison tool.

44% of ship operators believe their company’s current IT defences are not effective at repelling cyberattacks

Source: Ship Operators Cyber Security Survey by Futurenautics September 2017