Insight | Beyond Compliance – Cyber Risk Management After IMO 2021


Beyond Compliance – Cyber Risk Management After IMO 2021


Cyber attacks are on the rise. Of nearly 200 maritime businesses surveyed earlier this year, almost half reported having been subject to a cyber breach since 2019. 

The IMO’s 2021 cyber risk management code is helping shipowners to tackle this escalating threat, but there is more to cyber security than regulatory compliance.

Published as part of the Inmarsat Research Programme, Beyond Compliance examines the impact of the IMO 2021 cyber risk management code, explores the evolution of maritime cyber threats, and explains how shipowners can respond to these risks.

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“Regulations provide standards to base things on, but it is important from our perspective to go above and beyond the regulations."

Poul Rævdal, IT Business Manager, Evergas

The research report includes

  • Industry perspective : Evergas
  • Ship-specific threats and vulnerabilities
  • Hardware, software and personnel

Unified Threat Management (UTM)

  • Responding To Cyber Attacks
  • Recovery From Cyber Attacks
  • Training For Cyber Attacks
  • A Pathway To Compliance
  • Cyber Risk Management Audits

  • An introduction
  • Five functional elements of a maritime cyber security plan
  • Role of digitalisation and emerging technologies

  • Landscape of cyber threats 
  • Cyber security management

  • Communication
  • Cyber incident response
  • Crew education