World’s first live broadcast onboard commercial airliner

24 September 2019 – Singapore Airlines (SIA) has become the world’s first airline to host a live TV news broadcast onboard a commercial A380 flight, powered by SITAONAIR’s Internet ONAIR over Inmarsat’s high-speed GX Aviation broadband service.

The broadcast by Sky Sports featured live interviews with the Alfa Romeo team travelling from Zurich to Singapore on board flight SQ346 for this year’s Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix 2019.

SITAONAIR’s Commercial Regional VP Asia-Pacific, Katrina Korzenowski, comments: “We’re excited to support Singapore Airlines in this pioneering venture, bringing live broadcast interviews to fans on the ground from 35,000 feet! The event is a testament to SIA’s dedication to outstanding passenger experience, as well as SITAONAIR’s ever-evolving work with Inmarsat to provide highly reliable, advanced inflight connectivity to airlines throughout the globe.”

Always-on connectivity

Singapore Airlines keeps its customers connected through SITAONAIR’s advanced inflight connectivity portal, Internet ONAIR, which is enabled by Link ONAIR over our award-winning GX Aviation Ka-band network.

GX Aviation is the world’s first and only global, high-speed inflight connectivity service delivered through a wholly-owned and operated network of high-throughput satellites to deliver a seamless high-speed broadband connectivity experience in the sky.

“Singapore Airlines and SITAONAIR are breaking new ground with live broadcasts from the air through our ground-breaking GX Aviation inflight broadband,” says Inmarsat Aviation’s Channel Director, Martin Kroepl. “Inmarsat is glad to have a partner like SITAONAIR who is continuously enabling airlines to provide the best passenger experience and pushing boundaries for inflight connectivity. We hope to see many more events like this live interview that showcase the capability of Inmarsat services when combined with the value adds from our partners. Congratulations SITAONAIR and Singapore Airlines for leading the way.”

Singapore Airlines adopted SITAONAIR’s Internet ONAIR and Mobile ONAIR services in 2017, designed to provide a super-fast and uninterrupted connection over land or sea thanks to our reliable and seamless GX Aviation service.

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