TV documentary relives disabled team's Dakar Rally adventure

A two-part television documentary tells the incredible story of the first disabled team to complete the Dakar Rally – the world's toughest off-road race.

The film Dakar Rally: Frontline to Finish Line – follows the highs and lows of Race2Recovery – a team made up predominantly of wounded service personnel. The team was sponsored by Inmarsat and equipped with BGAN terminals and eight IsatPhone Pro satellite phones – which provided vital communication links with the outside world during the 15-day, 9,000km (5,600-mile) challenge.

Vital communications
Viewers get to see IsatPhone Pro in action as the race cars seek support and advice from their mechanical and logistics crews along remote stretches of the race.

The documentary is being shown in two hour-long slots, each starting at 21:00 (BST) on ITV 4 on Wednesday 24 April and Friday 26 April.

“Inmarsat's satellite communications played a major role throughout the race,” said Captain Tony Harris, Race2Recovery Co-Director after the race.

Raising money
“Having access to portable and robust broadband data services and satellite phones as we crossed the mountains and deserts of southern South America was crucial to our safety and performance.

“They also enabled us to keep family, friends and supporters across the world up-to-date with regular postings on social media sites.”

Race2Recovery raised money for Tedworth House Personnel Recovery Centre, a Help for Heroes project in the UK.

Royal congratulations
The team set out in four Wildcats off-road vehicles at the start of the rally in Lima, Peru – but only one made it to the finish following a series of mishaps and mechanical problems.

At the finish the entire Race2Recovery contingent climbed the race podium to mark the culmination of two years' hard work – after the sole remaining vehicle named Joy crossed the finishing line in Santiago, Chile on 20 January.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – whose Endeavour Fund awarded its first grant to Race2Recovery – were among the first to congratulate the team.