The spirit of Amelia Earhart lives on

20 May 2014: Inmarsat is supporting The Amelia Project which will see Amelia Rose Earhart recreate and complete the historic round the world flight attempted by her namesake over 75 years ago.

The Amelia Project

Inmarsat Aviation will be providing Amelia Rose with an IsatPhone Pro and BGAN Exlorer 710 terminal, when she sets off in her Pilatus PC12-NG aircraft.

The IsatPhone Pro provides coverage anywhere in the world and will mean that Amelia can contact family, call for assistance and co-ordinate her journey when she arrives at each destination.

Epic journey

In addition, the BGAN terminal provides internet connection in the most remote areas of the planet, allowing Amelia to keep track of weather reports and news that may affect her route.

It will also allow Amelia Rose to share the adventures of her epic journey with supporters via social media and answer their questions along the way.

The 28,000 miles long flight, which includes 17 stops in 14 different countries, will commence on 26 June in California, US. When complete, Amelia Rose will be the youngest woman to cover the globe in a single-engine aircraft.

Global route

The route will take her to the North East of Brazil, over the South Atlantic Ocean, the African continent, the Indian Ocean, Pacific Islands and Atlantic Ocean, and is expected to take approximately 102 hours of flight time.

She will be flying in a Pilatus PC12-NG aircraft equipped with the latest avionics technology from Honeywell Aerospace, including satellite communications. Inmarsat’s SwiftBroadband service will be provided by Inmarsat Partner Satcom1.

The mission has been inspired by the bravery and spirit of adventure of Amelia Earhart, whose disappearance over the South Pacific during her round the world attempt remains a mystery to this day.

Flight scholarships

It also serves to highlight the Fly with Amelia Foundation, a non-profit organisation set up in 2013 by Amelia Rose to provide flight scholarships for young women aged 16-18.

In addition, the foundation builds STEM-based educational curriculums and aims to open up opportunities for people to be involved in aviation.

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