RacoWireless to add IsatData Pro to its M2M service portfolio

25 February 2014: Inmarsat has appointed RacoWireless as a global distribution partner for its award-winning IsatData Pro M2M service.

The company will incorporate IsatData Pro into its comprehensive portfolio of M2M-focused solutions and services, strengthening Inmarsat’s rapidly expanding M2M distribution channel.

The move means that IsatData Pro – a global two-way short message service for M2M communication – will become one of RacoWireless’ primary network solutions for Latin America’s growing fleet management market.

Increase efficiency

This will enable M2M users to increase efficiency and ensure the safety and security of their fixed and mobile assets in regions not covered by terrestrial telecommunications infrastructure.

IsatData Pro will be integrated into a cloud-based device management platform that allows users to control their connected solutions.

This means RacoWireless’ network of more than 1,000 solution providers can control and leverage intelligence from remotely connected devices – when and where required.

Essential component

“Satellite connectivity services are swiftly becoming an essential component within the expanding M2M market, enabling solution providers to extend the reach and resilience of their M2M networks to virtually any region on Earth,” said Joel Schroeder, Inmarsat Director, M2M Strategy & Market Development.

“RacoWireless represents a new generation of partner for Inmarsat – one that brings M2M expertise into the sales channel and provides access to new market segments which have not traditionally deployed satellite connectivity as part of their M2M offering.

“With RacoWireless’ outstanding platform and customer support, satellite services are now opened up to virtually any solutions and service provider, regardless of size.”

Any sector

John Horn, President of RacoWireless, said: “Our mission is to make it easy for companies across the world to build, deploy and manage M2M solutions in virtually any industry sector.

“The addition of Inmarsat’s global satellite network into the RacoWireless Omega Management Suite allows our partners the ability to have the coverage where and when they most need it.

“The relationship with Inmarsat enables our partners to extend the reach of their network to sites outside the scope of their existing terrestrial network partners, without the need to invest in additional infrastructure. It also allows for the deployment of a truly global M2M solution through a single platform,” he added.

RacoWireless: www.racowireless.com