New solution to deliver SwiftBroadband-Safety to business jet market

09 October 2017: Inmarsat partner Cobham SATCOM and Avionica, the leading aircraft data collection and data transmission manufacturer, have joined forces to provide the industry’s smallest and lightest solution for simultaneous cockpit and cabin communications using Inmarsat’s connectivity.

Segregating safety (FANS/CPDLC) and non-safety related voice and data connectivity over a single channel of Inmarsat’s SwiftBroadband service, the complete connectivity option will also bring Inmarsat’s SwiftBroadband-Safety (SB-S) technology platform to the business jet market.

The innovative joint solution combines Cobham’s AVIATOR 300D satcom system with Avionica’s avWIFI intelligent router, enabling operators to take advantage of SB-S for FANS/CPDLC/ADC-S/ACARS/Cockpit Voice, while still benefiting from SwiftBroadband in the cabin for non-safety related voice and data use.

Connectivity flexibility

Scott Beutel, Regional Director for Cobham SATCOM, said: “It’s exciting to leverage our SB-S success with the airlines and bring this technology to the Business Jet market. With its fuselage-mounted intermediate gain antenna, the AVIATOR 300D will provide a connectivity option to operators at a price point well below historical high gain antenna solutions and offer more connectivity flexibility than other systems.”

Sean Reilly, Vice President of Business Development, Avionica, said: “We are excited to team with Cobham SATCOM to bring a complete aircraft connectivity solution, including SB-S, to the Business Jet Market.

“The avWIFI provides the secure data segregation needed for the AVIATOR 300D to support both cockpit (FANS/CPDLC) and cabin (non-safety voice/data) connectivity. The avWIFI is the smallest and lightest product on the market available to support such data segregation while also providing WiFi.”

Stringent requirements

Kurt Weidemeyer, Vice President of Business Aviation at Inmarsat, said: “This is exciting news for the business aviation industry. SwiftBroadband-Safety is the first secure communications system for the business jet flightdeck and meets stringent aviation requirements for safety and operational data exchange with the ground.

“This provides a range of benefits, including enhanced situational awareness, more informed real-time decision making, enhanced performance monitoring and high resolution weather updates.”