Low profile BGAN transforms future of discreet operations

5 November 2014: Government departments and police forces around the world can benefit from the latest in discreet communications with the launch of Low Profile BGAN from Inmarsat.

Consisting of a rapidly deployable lay-flat antenna and a robust, remotely operable BGAN terminal which will work even when buried under sand, Low Profile BGAN is the only solution which allows unmanned, concealed surveillance in real-time.

Inmarsat is unveiling the new product at Global MilSatCom, the leading military satellite communications conference and exhibition, in London today.

Extend reach

“Low Profile BGAN enables border forces, police, internal security departments and the military to extend the reach of their surveillance networks into areas where manned observation posts would be impractical, unsafe or simply not cost effective,” said Andy Start, President of Inmarsat Global Government.

“This is the perfect solution for covert installations on embassy buildings and other settings which require an alternative communications solution and where an antenna cannot be visible.”

The proven reliability of Inmarsat’s global broadband BGAN service, combined with an antenna which can be completely camouflaged, is what makes Low Profile BGAN a transformational product. Manufactured by Inmarsat partner Hughes Network Systems, the terminal is connected to existing surveillance equipment and can lie dormant until woken by an event or user command.

Hostile situations

“Low Profile BGAN is ideal for use in remote hostile situations, and demonstrates Inmarsat Global Government’s and Hughes’ commitment to maximising operational cost effectiveness while minimising the exposure of personnel to risk,” said Bill Lindsay, Senior Programme Director at Hughes.

Inmarsat’s commitment to providing new products and services designed for government market needs has driven the development of Low Profile BGAN – allowing global high-speed IP surveillance connectivity and changing the future of discreet operations.

Inmarsat Global Government: www.inmarsat.com