GX partnership will supply land terminals for military

Inmarsat has signed L-3 Global Communications Solutions (GCS) as an initial launch partner supplying land satellite terminals for its forthcoming Global Xpress® service.

L-3 GCS is the leading supplier of VSATs to the United States Special Operations Command and other elite military and government users.

The partnership will bring L-3 GCS's certified Panther and Hawkeye terminals together with Inmarsat's global managed services, combining military satellite communications with on-demand commercial services for any operational scenario.

Worldwide shift
Global Xpress will align with the trend by governments worldwide to shift operations to Ka-band.

The new service will provide super-fast uplink and downlink data rates, all backed by Inmarsat quality standards, performance and global reach, when it is introduced in 2014.

It will support L-3 GCS customers who have become accustomed to highly transportable, rugged and reliable terminals for all kinds of missions.

High performance
The range of Global Xpress land terminals, from 0.6 to 2.4 metres in diameter for fixed and transportable applications, will utilise a new core module developed by VT iDirect for high performance in the Ka-band.

“L-3 GCS is particularly honoured to have been selected as a VSAT terminal partner for Global Xpress,” said Bob Jacobson, President of L-3 GCS.

“Our valued customers will now have access to not only the highest quality, innovative, WGS-capable VSAT terminals, but also to on-demand commercial services with the superior speed and coverage of Global Xpress.”

Critical missions
Leo Mondale, Managing Director, Global Xpress, commented: “Government customers have come to rely on Panther and Hawkeye equipment for some of their most critical missions.

“They will be especially pleased that the outstanding performance and reliability they have come to expect in the field from L-3 GCS terminals will soon support global high-rate secure operations across the Inmarsat Global Xpress network.”

Global Xpress:  www.igx.com
L-3 GCS:  www.L-3com.com/gcs