GX Aviation equipment unveiled at Aircraft Interiors Expo

Inmarsat premiered the avionics equipment that will support its game-changing GX Aviation service at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg.

GX Aviation will be the first high-speed global broadband service delivered via Ka-band, supported by a new suite of avionics designed and manufactured by Honeywell.

Visitors to Hamburg on 9-11 April saw the GX system components which are scheduled for commercial launch in early 2015.

Fully compliant
All GX Aviation avionics will be fully compliant with the A791 industry standard and intended for forward-fit and retro-fit installation from launch.

“GX Aviation is going to change the face of in-flight connectivity,” said Miranda Mills, Inmarsat's Vice President of Aerospace.

“The Aircraft Interiors Expo provided us with the perfect opportunity to reveal the avionics for the very first time.”

Final segment
“With our fleet of three satellites under construction by Boeing, and the first scheduled for launch this year, avionics represent the final segment which turns GX from a concept into a reality.”

The GX Aviation service has been designed to offer consistent, high capacity broadband coverage, with throughputs of up to 50Mbps around the world.

This will enable airlines to offer their passengers access to the level of broadband speeds, data rates and bandwidth they are used to receiving on the ground.

Internet content
Passengers will be able to stream live internet content and take part in video calls, even when they are flying above the ocean at 30,000 feet.

“The world is changing and airlines are seeking to keep up with passengers' expectations,” said Miranda.

“Our new GX service, which can be combined with our existing L-band solution, enables airlines to capitalise on already installed hardware to provide high speed broadband service with complete geographical coverage for all aircraft requirements, both in the cockpit and the cabin.”

Consumer demand
Jack Jacobs, Vice President of Marketing Product and Management at Honeywell Aerospace said: “The consumer demand for fast, global in-flight connectivity continues to grow at a monumental rate.

“People want to be connected no matter where they are and have the same internet experience they have at home.

“Through GX Aviation Ka-band satellite connectivity, airlines will have more bandwidth, at a cost-effective price, that provides consumers with an unprecedented global connectivity experience.”

GX Aviation: www.igx.com