Gogo to equip Aeromexico with SwiftBroadband in-flight internet

Gogo equips Aeromexico with SB 

20 December 2013: Mexico’s global airline – Aeromexico – is set to partner with Gogo to offer in-flight internet and wireless onboard entertainment.

The airline and Gogo, the US-based provider of in-flight connectivity, announced they have agreed on principal terms and conditions for the service on at least 75 aircraft.

“We couldn’t be more excited to work with Aeromexico on bringing Gogo connectivity and Gogo Vision to Mexico and beyond in North and South America,” said Michael Small, Gogo’s President and CEO.

Connecting passengers

“We know from our extensive experience that having connectivity has become a competitive advantage for airlines. This is the age of the mobile internet and passengers are used to being connected wherever they are.

“We look forward to supporting Aeromexico’s leadership in the region as they connect their passengers in-flight to more than 80 destinations within Mexico and around the world.”

The new service will use Gogo’s Ku-band satellite service for Aeromexico’s 737 aircraft, and Inmarsat SwiftBroadband (SB) for the airline’s regional jets.

Strong partner

Gogo expects the service to be available to Aeromexico passengers during the second half of 2014.

“As the airline that connects Mexico, and Mexico with the world, we look forward to being the first carrier both in Mexico and in Latin America to offer our passengers in-flight Wi-Fi via Gogo.” said Andres Conesa, Aeromexico’s CEO.

“Gogo is a strong partner for Inmarsat, both for our current SwiftBroadband service and for GX Aviation, our global Ka-band network, which is scheduled to be available in 2015,” said Miranda Mills, Inmarsat President, Aviation.

“We’re very pleased Aeromexico has now been added to the growing number of airlines using Inmarsat to provide in-flight connectivity to both passengers and crew.”

Global Xpress: www.igx.com
Gogo: www.gogoair.com