Global Xpress ‘SATCOM as a Service’ successfully demonstrated

12 September 2016: Inmarsat’s Global Xpress ‘SATCOM as a Service’ capability is ready for U.S. Government aero applications worldwide. Supported by the only commercial worldwide Ka-band constellation built for mobility, Global Xpress represents the first and only globally available high-throughput communication solution for aero connectivity.

The service was successfully demonstrated in multiple user scenarios with U.S. government end users and in close cooperation with Inmarsat’s Value Added Reseller (VAR) and Value Added Manufacturer (VAM) partners.

During CONUS and OCONUS world tour airborne and ground demonstrations, the Honeywell JetWave™ SATCOM terminals in the Fuselage Mount Antenna (FMA) and Tail Mount Antenna (TMA) configurations seamlessly connected with the Global Xpress network.

Full performance

End users received a flexible and scalable communication solution that achieved full performance while delivering unprecedented wideband connectivity worldwide for video and data transfers.

Global Xpress ‘SATCOM as a Service’ for aero enables users to leverage commercial SATCOM that seamlessly integrates with military SATCOM to achieve optimal redundancy, diversity, protection, scalability and global portability – the ultimate resiliency approach.

With committed information rates throughout the world, backed-up by service level agreements, government end users can rest assured that they always get what they need and pay for.

Reliable connectivity

Following Inmarsat’s recent announcements of its first globally available, high-throughput wideband solutions for maritime and land users, these successful demonstrations of Global Xpress for aero highlighted key solution attributes including seamless worldwide mobility, guaranteed performance and interoperability – to meet the government’s mission-critical mobile on-demand needs.

Global Xpress aviation terminals have been in government demonstrations and initial operational service for more than a year and its ‘SATCOM as a Service’ capability is poised to deliver secure, reliable connectivity for government aero connectivity.

The Honeywell FMA and TMA terminals are fully developed and tested and type approved for use on GX and are compatible with USG installation requirements.

Mission success

“Whether pursuing tactical objectives in theatre, connecting in-flight government officials to ground-based resources or conducting other aero operations, government users can depend upon Global Xpress – a reliable, high-throughput and interoperable service that ‘follows’ them from one end of the world to another and supports mission success,” said Peter Hadinger, Inmarsat U.S. Government Business Unit president.

“From better security and reliability to seamless interoperability with military satellite resources and lower cost of operations, Global Xpress is proving to be the future of satellite communications.”