Connectivity helps naval cadets embrace life at sea

13 February 2020: Home for Argentine naval cadets on a four-month goodwill voyage was a full rigged tall ship, but there was nothing historic about the way they stayed in touch.

Inmarsat Global Government and partner Tesacom Argentina provided the training vessel Frigate ARA Libertad with a Global Xpress solution for operational and crew communications throughout the 23,000 nautical mile trip, which took in 10 countries and 15 ports.

During a stopover in Canary Wharf – ARA Libertad’s first visit to London in 17 years – the captain and crew explained how they had been using our seamless, high bandwidth mobile broadband service since departing from Buenos Aires last August.

Crew welfare

On the bridge, always-on internet connectivity is crucial for receiving weather reports which enable them to chart a route to avoid bad weather. But for the naval cadets the welfare aspect is just as important.

Captain Adolfo Rodrigo Ureta said: “With this equipment they live on board as they live ashore. They are always in contact with their families, using WhatsApp, cellphones, email – they are 24-hour-connected.”

The annual midshipman instruction voyages for graduating naval cadets act as a showcase for Argentine artistic, commercial, sports, scientific and cultural activities.

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