Maritime Safety

Defending the safety of all mariners anytime, anywhere, without compromise. Saving lives at sea for over 40 years.

Fleet Safety

Driving modernisation of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) with the most significant advance in maritime safety for a generation.

Inmarsat C

Your lifeline to transmit and receive real-time distress and safety communication, no matter where in the world you sail. 

Aviation Safety

When it comes to providing satellite communication safety solutions to the aviation industry, we were first-to-market in the 1990s and have remained an important part of their evolution ever since.

Classic Aero

The trusted choice for cockpit safety services for 30 years, used by more than 90% of the world’s transoceanic aircraft for communication and surveillance today.


A genuine game-changer in flight deck connectivity, enabling everything from improved fuel efficiency and increased capacity to better asset utilisation and enhanced safety.

For Governments

Reliable, life-saving satellite-enabled communications at sea and in the air are at the very core of Inmarsat’s DNA and has been since 1979 and are the communications link that crews in distress can rely on to provide certainty.