SafetyNET and SafetyNET II services enable the international broadcast and automatic reception of Maritime Safety Information and Search and Rescue related information via the Inmarsat Enhanced Group Calling system.

It is utilised by, but not limited to:

  • Navigational area (NAVAREA) co-ordinators for NAVAREA warnings and other urgent safety-related information
  • National coordinators for coastal warnings and other urgent safety-related information
  • Meteorological area (METAREA) coordinators for meteorological warnings and forecasts
  • MRCCs for shore-to-ship distress alerts, SAR information and other urgent safety-related information.

SafetyNET II is the new generation international broadcast and automatic reception service for Maritime Safety Information. SafetyNET II is an enhancement to the current SafetyNET system, and provides a user-friendly, interactive web interface for Maritime Safety Information Providers to create their Maritime Safety Information messages and delivered them simultaneously over multiple Inmarsat networks, including Inmarsat C, Mini C, and Fleet Safety.

So what’s new?

  • Easy to use web-based user interface
  • Broadcasts over Inmarsat C, Mini C and Fleet Safety terminals
  • Optional Maritime Safety Information message monitoring and cancellation
  • Enhanced broadcast scheduling
  • Built-in application and geographical redundancy through Maritime Safety Servers (MSS)
  • No extra equipment needed

SafetyNET Handbook

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