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Seafarers In The Digital Age - Prioritising The Human Element In Maritime Digital Transformation


What value should the maritime sector place on the human element when considering the digital transformation of the shipping industry?

By exploring the nexus between humans and digital technologies at sea, this new report examines how greater connectivity will enhance experiences for seafarers.  We look at how digital technology is poised to advance the seafaring profession and not displace it. 

Thetius surveyed 200 maritime professionals including seagoing and shore-based staff and asked them about their experiences of the human element in the digital age. 

Report reveals

  • Over 88% of maritime professionals believe that digital transformation will result in new ways of operating ships within 5 years 
  • Despite 78% of operators installing internet access for crew, only 30% provide streaming services in communal areas 
  • More than 1/3rd of seafarers now consider access to digital technologies and connectivity as the most important factor when considering employment opportunities 
  • The majority of maritime professionals believe that up to 75% of training and examinations will be delivered remotely within 5 years and 1 in 5 believe this percentage could be even higher 

Key findings

  • The cost of not putting seafarers at the heart of digital transformation could prove catastrophic to the global economy.  But the rewards to the maritime sector for getting this right are extraordinary

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