The power of three

Keep your offshore support vessel (OSV) connected day and night with access to a high-speed, low latency service, designed specifically for the demands of OSVs in the North Sea. The future of offshore connectivity is here with Fleet LTE. One service. One supplier. Three powerful networks.

All in one service

The all-in-one service offers continuous connectivity in the North Sea regions with cost-effective access to 4G offshore fibre networks with fully automated switch over to our flagship Fleet Xpress Ka-band service when sailing out of LTE coverage zones. Fleet LTE also includes access to FleetBroadband’s resilient L-band coverage for unlimited back-up, with 99.9% network availability guaranteed. There’s no need to manually monitor and switch networks, we maintain a constant connection, so you can keep working 24/7 without fail.

Reduce your overheads

Meet the data-thirsty needs of your North Sea clients while reducing your operational spend with the flexibility to separate bandwidth for charters. Ensure you only pay for what you need with the ability to upgrade or downgrade anytime as demand changes. Save time and money, with Fleet LTE there’s no hidden costs or multiple suppliers to contend with. Stand out from the crowd and attract prospective clients by ensuring your proposition is cost-competitive without impacting your level of service.

Data-based decisions

Based on the world’s leading high-speed maritime VSAT service, Fleet Xpress can open your vessel and clients to a world of possibilities with Fleet Data. Realise the power of Internet of Things (IoT) and onboard sensors by aggregating all of your data in one single dashboard.  Make data-driven decisions at the touch of a button with the ability to collect and analyse your data easily, without affecting your bandwidth.  Make your digital ship work for you.

Security matters

No matter where in the ocean you’re working you’re never too far away from those wanting to compromise your vessel’s security. With Fleet Secure, we’re powering cyber resilience at sea with the world’s first cyber security solution specifically designed for the maritime industry.  Protect and defend your OSV and crew against hostile and malicious threats with web content filtering, application control, intrusion prevention, remote monitoring and crew training. Complete peace of mind with 360 degree protection.

Whether you’re supporting the exploration and drilling of oil or transporting vital supplies or crew, Fleet LTE ensures you’re always in reach with continuous connectivity you can be assured of across the North Sea. 

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