The Offshore Support Vessel sector is leading the way when it comes to maritime digitalisation and Inmarsat is here to enable you and your clients to take full advantage of the benefits it offers.

Be the difference

When a guaranteed high-speed satellite communications network can make all the difference to attract new charterers, we go the extra mile to help you and your offshore support vessel (OSV) stand out and be noticed. We’ve been driving mission-critical always-on connectivity for over 40 years to help you remain one step ahead of your customer’s needs.

With Fleet Xpress we’re pioneering high-speed global communications you can rely on, no matter where you are in the world. What does it mean for you? Show your customers that your OSV is the best fit for their business, today and for the future. Extend the reach and capabilities of the onshore office to the seas. Be proud of an operation that can handle the data-heavy demands of the offshore environment in its stride.

Take advantage of an ecosystem of digital applications, the power of Internet of Things (IoT), and onboard sensors in real-time. Resolve queries with remote monitoring much quicker than ever before. Easily analyse, report, and transfer data securely back to shore at the touch of a button without affecting bandwidth speeds or your bottom line. Automate processes you never thought could be possible and gain efficiencies to make your OSV sail quicker, greener, and safer. 

Be in control

When demand fluctuates and charters come and go, stay in control of your costs with packages designed for complete flexibility and scalability. Upgrade or downgrade at the touch of a button and respond quickly to tenders with competitive pricing. Easily separate bandwidth invoices to pass on to your customers. There’s no need to commit to long-term contracts or subscriptions, pay for what you use, and choose a package that’s right for you, your crew, and your vessel’s needs.   

Be the best

We all depend on the digital world to stay connected and this is especially true after a long shift in challenging offshore conditions for months on end. Attract the best crew on the market and reduce recruitment costs to allow you to remain competitive. Drive your vessel’s performance and operational uptime with your pick of the most highly skilled and trained individuals around. Reward your crew with a best-in-class high-speed internet connection they can rely on to call home and connect with family and friends, watch a movie, or catch the latest game on TV. Improve life at sea with packages that won’t affect your business-critical communications. Maintain a happy and engaged crew that will keep coming back voyage after voyage.

Future proof your vessel and create a lasting impression for your customers and crew. 


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