Denali is next challenge for 65 Degrees North

65 Degrees North Team Climbing Mount Denali 65 Degrees North Team Climbing Mount Denali 65 Degrees North Team Climbing Mount Denali

Extreme challenge group 65 Degrees North (65DN) is preparing for its latest endeavour – climbing Denali.

Towering 20,310ft (6,190m) above sea level, the Alaskan peak is the tallest mountain in North America, and reaching the summit is recognised as one of the greatest physical feats in the world.

Inmarsat is a committed communications sponsor of 65DN, which was set up to rehabilitate wounded ex-servicemen and women through adventure.

Safety advice

For the Denali expedition, which begins next month, Inmarsat will be providing the climbers and their support team with an IsatPhone 2 satellite phone, an IsatHub terminal to use with their own smart devices, and an ultra-portable Explorer 510 BGAN terminal.

Expedition leader Richard Morgan, a former Royal Marine Commando trained in Arctic survival, said: “Having the support of Inmarsat is key. It gives us confidence on expeditions, and allows us to get live weather reports or obtain safety advice from our doctors – it quickly adds up.

“The ability to call home to loved ones and conduct live interviews on the IsatPhone2 is vitally important, and as valuable as any piece of equipment we carry. Inmarsat has been a valued partner of 65 Degrees North on all of our successful expeditions, and continues to be.”

Hostile environment

With unpredictable weather and temperatures as low as -40°C, the mountain’s hostile environment, notoriously harsh and long-lasting storms, and high altitude make it a severe test of personal strength, resilience and fortitude.

The team will require mental and physical strength and endurance to carry heavy loads and haul pulks containing all their food, clothing, climbing and survival equipment for this brutal unsupported summit attempt.

The eight-strong climbing team successfully completed a training and selection exercise in the Alps earlier this month. Former Royal Marine Brendan Davies, who climbed Mount Aconcagua in Argentina with 65DN in January, said: “This challenge has given me the focus and drive to push myself and has had a positive effect on my mental health and well-being. I hope I can motivate and inspire others to take on their own challenges, big or small, as there is life beyond injury.”