Artistic expressions on the fly

Austrian Airlines has launched an innovative new campaign promoting their inflight broadband powered by GX Aviation. Passengers were able to send #MyMessageFromTheCloud using art as the medium.

As one of the first adopters of high-speed inflight broadband in Europe, Austrian Airlines has been providing Inmarsat’s game-changing GX Aviation to its passengers for over a year now.

Now that the airline’s entire Airbus A320 fleet is equipped with GX Aviation, it has embarked on some exciting, innovative marketing campaigns to promote the service to its fast-growing consumer base.

A prime example is its recent ‘#myMessageFromTheCloud’ campaign, where the airline invited 10 artists to set-up camp in the middle of Mariahilfer Straße, a highly frequented shopping street in central Vienna.

Whilst the artists sat poised and ready, passengers in the air were able to send messages directly to them via a ‘My Austrian, the charming way to fly’ microsite, using GX Aviation inflight broadband. The artists then transformed the passengers’ messages into original illustrations, which were sent back to passengers and featured on a giant screen and photowall in the square.

Sharing from the clouds

Passengers could then share messages on social media, using the hashtag #myMessageFromTheCloud, for a chance to win free business class flights and other prizes.

One particularly heartwarming message came from 27 year old Borena, who surprised her boyfriend with news that she was expecting their first baby.

Austrian Airlines also engaged influencer DJ Mosaken who used FlyNet on an Austrian Airlines flight from London to Vienna to order Eismarillenknödel - a delicious Austrian treat in the form of an ice cream dumpling with apricot filling, directly to arrivals at Vienna airport for all passengers.

The deejay then shared his experience on the flight with his 1.2 million Facebook followers and 18,200 Instagram followers, spreading the message wider, along with other micro influencers.

The interactive campaign meant that the Austrian Airlines marketing team could increase their reach and promote their myAustrian FlyNet service on social media without any ‘hard sell’.

The user generated content created an emotional connection with the brand’s core ‘the charming way to fly’ strapline, whilst raising awareness of the Wi-Fi service on offer and showing how easy it is to use.

Look out for more innovative campaigns from the Lufthansa Group as they promote their GX Aviation offerings. Next month Eurowings will be launching their Fly & Win campaign, with lots of prizes to be discovered by those who reveal a winning code within their meal ‘smartbox’ and enter it online whilst onboard.