Honeywell and Boeing team up on GX Aviation technology

Honeywell and Boeing have signed a technical services agreement to develop technologies for the next generation of high-speed, in-flight wireless connectivity.

The two companies will jointly research, test and develop the avionics hardware, software and potential aviation services that will utilise Inmarsat's GX Ka-band satellites.

The move addresses passengers' increasing demands for faster, more reliable in-flight connectivity on smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Flight paths

“The current in-flight connectivity landscape offers only a narrow field of overland flight paths in the US and select international markets,” said Carl Esposito, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management for Honeywell Aerospace.

“It is unreliable, and does not adequately address passengers' burgeoning desire for a true global in-flight connectivity offering.

“Both Boeing and Honeywell understand this demand for global connectivity and are collaborating to ensure that airlines are equipped to provide passengers with the fastest and most reliable global in-flight connectivity experience possible through GX Aviation.”

Global reach

GX Aviation will offer unprecedented data rates and bandwidth, backed by Inmarsat's quality standards, performance and global reach.

It will deliver the broadband speeds, data rates and bandwidth travelers are used to receiving on the ground.

Airline passengers will be able to access everything from real-time social media updates to videoconferencing while in flight, virtually anywhere in the world.

GX Aviation will also introduce new levels of service to aircraft operators, airlines and air traffic control as well as new applications such as predictive maintenance.