SBTV brings in-flight on-demand TV to wireless devices

Inmarsat has announced the launch of SBTV, a new platform that enables airlines to provide real-time and updated on-demand entertainment content to passengers' own devices. News, sports and other video content is transmitted to the aircraft over the SwiftBroadband network and then distributed wirelessly to passengers' own devices, which can include smartphones, laptops, tablets and other personal media players.In today's on-demand, multi-screen TV world, viewers are increasingly choosing to watch the latest shows streamed across IP networks to a variety of connected devices, enabling them to enjoy the content they love whenever and wherever they choose. Now with SBTV, airline passengers can access the latest news and entertainment in the same way, mirroring the viewing experience at home.

David Coiley, Inmarsat Vice President, Aviation, said: “SBTV has been designed to reflect the way TV content is now consumed by people on the ground, enabling more viewer choice thanks to the ability to consume on-demand content on PCs, tablets and smartphones. SBTV provides an opportunity for airlines to leapfrog the limitations of rolling broadcast news services by allowing passengers on-demand access to the latest news and sports programming on their own, to choose what they watch and when they watch it.”

SBTV enables airlines to select and tailor the volume and variety of content they offer their passengers, uniquely enabling customisation for specific routes or regions, providing a strong product differentiation opportunity. Content can be uploaded live, and updated as often as the airline chooses. SBTV can be deployed quickly, at low cost to the airline, and may be integrated on existing WiFi or IFE systems.

The appetite for on-demand viewing is growing rapidly across the globe. According to the most recent research results from comScore's Video Metrix, more than 180 million US Internet users watched 33 billion online content videos in June 2012, up from 6.9 billion the previous year.

Coiley continued, “With the introduction of GX Aviation in early 2015, GXTV will become available, which will further increase the volume and range of real-time content that can be made available, delivering the ultimate solution for customised TV content delivery, including the ability to provide multiple broadcast IPTV channels.”

This is the latest innovation in Inmarsat's long history as the premier satcoms partner for the aviation industry. For over 20 years, Inmarsat has provided communications for aircraft. Over 11,000 commercial and non-commercial aircraft currently rely on Inmarsat services. More than 24 leading airlines around the world have selected Inmarsat technology for inflight connectivity, including ANA, British Airways, Emirates, Qantas, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, and TAM Airlines. More than half of the world's A380 fleet is equipped with Inmarsat SwiftBroadband.

To see a demonstration of SBTV at APEX – Booth 1231 – to learn more about how SBTV can transform the in-flight experience for passengers, and to meet executives on the Inmarsat team, please contact the media relations team using the contacts below:

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