Inmarsat launches fax service for smaller vessels on FleetBroadband 150

Inmarsat has enhanced its FleetBroadband 150 service offering with the new addition of fax capability, in response to fishing market requirements.The addition of a fax service to the FleetBroadband 150 (FB150) offering makes the service even more consumer-friendly. Fax functionality can be enabled by a simple firmware upgrade which can be downloaded from or the manufacturer's website. Once installed, a G3 fax machine can be plugged straight into the FB150 so a fax can then be sent and received in exactly the same way as at home or in the office.

Inmarsat's partner AddValue Communications Pte Ltd, a leading digital, wireless and broadband communications technology products innovator based in Singapore, is the first FleetBroadband manufacturer to provide a firmware upgrade to access the new fax service on the Wideye™ Skipper™ 150.

The addition of a fax service is primarily targeted to meet the demand from operators of smaller vessels in regions such as South East Asia. The South East Asian fishing market has a preference for using fax for day to day business activities such as receiving weather information, shoal movement data and for reporting their catch to head office or the wholesaler.

Commenting on the launch of the new fax service over FB150, Chris Lim, Inmarsat Maritime Market Manager said: “Inmarsat has listened to our partners and customers in the region who asked us for this service. This new FB150 fax capability is designed to improve the working lives of fishermen, and we trust that this important group of Inmarsat customers will benefit.”

Vessel owners can be confident that this new FB150 service enhancement from Inmarsat is cost effective and delivers the reliability, coverage and cost savings they are looking for. This service complements Inmarsat's recently announced Small Vessel Plans which offer a reduced fax rate.

  • New fax service available over FleetBroadband 150
  • Service to meet demand of fishing industry in Asia Pacific region
  • New service enhancement complements Inmarsat's recently announced small vessel plans which offer promotional fax charges    

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