Inmarsat launches BGAN link

Inmarsat today announced the launch of BGAN Link, a new broadband IP data service for users who need reliable connectivity over a sustained period from a permanent or semi-permanent site.For a fixed monthly fee the new service offers a data connection of up to 0.5Mbps, suitable for standard office-type applications such as email, internet and intranet access, and VPN access to corporate networks.

Aimed at high volume users who require predictable monthly costs, there are three data packages available for BGAN Link : 5, 10 and 15GB per month. The service includes an optional cost control measure that monitors daily usage to ensure the monthly allowance is not exceeded. Those users who want to exceed the monthly allowance can choose to upgrade to the next package or accept the standard additional per-MB charge of their service provider.

“BGAN Link is optimised for serving sustained high-volume data needs at a fixed location,” said Drew Brandy, Vice President – Industry, Inmarsat.  “It has been developed for users who are attracted to the data speeds, global reach and network reliability of Inmarsat, but who need a cost-effective service that is customised for data usage in remote, static operations.

“BGAN Link is not affected by rain fade or adverse weather conditions. The terminals are robust, quick to set up, and easy to maintain. The service can be accessed virtually anywhere in the world. Importantly for remote sites, the power consumption of BGAN Link is low, and those using batteries can recharge with solar panels. The terminals are also very discreet, and can be easily locked away and secured when not in use.”

“For those managing a remote site, BGAN Link offers peace of mind with its predictable monthly costs in return for a committed data volume. We expect BGAN Link to tap into existing demand in our core markets, as well as allowing us to address new market opportunities,” said Brandy.

The service can be accessed through the existing Hughes 9201 and Thrane & Thrane Explorer 700 terminals, and is available globally, with the exception of USA and Afghanistan. Interested customers should contact their service provider for application details and the service's full terms and conditions.