Inmarsat introduces BGAN link promotions designed for Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America

Inmarsat has introduced new promotional initiatives for its BGAN Link service tailored to meet the needs of customers in Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America. Available immediately, BGAN Link meets the needs of organisations requiring high monthly volumes of broadband data for sustained periods of operation in remote sites.

BGAN Link is targeted at organisations around the world operating in the construction, oil and gas, mining, humanitarian aid and banking and finance sectors that require resilient and reliable real-time IP-based broadband connectivity.

Inmarsat's new promotional initiatives for Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America are aimed at meeting the need in these dynamic regions for a predictably-priced service customers will want to rely on day-to-day, over an extended usage period.

BGAN Link is available for a fixed monthly price in a choice of four data packages. Customers requiring total cost control can select an option that cumulatively monitors daily usage to ensure monthly allowance is not exceeded.

Ronald Spithout, President of the Enterprise business unit at Inmarsat, said: “Our research tells us that there is a real demand in the market for a better alternative to fixed satellite services. BGAN Link fulfils this requirement perfectly. Additionally, with this new promotion, organisations in Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America can further benefit from Inmarsat's market-leading BGAN platform – long trusted by leading corporations around the globe.

“Our goal is to help BGAN be the highly flexible, capable and reliable communications network customers turn to every day, over an extended time period, not just in times of emergency or crisis,” he continued.

BGAN Link is delivered over Inmarsat's proven L-band network, guaranteeing that a connection can be maintained even during extreme weather conditions, making it ideally suited for typical office applications such as email, internet and intranet access, and VPN access to corporate networks from remote locations.

With a high degree of pointing tolerance, BGAN Link will help maintain a connection even if its direction shifts slightly due to wind or seismic activity.

BGAN Link is fast and easy to deploy, with a very low power requirement, and benefits from low installation, service and support costs.

The service is available now through Inmarsat's global partner network.

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