The power of partnership

The Connect Partner Programme provides qualifying companies with support to help grow your Inmarsat business, including regular business updates, sales and marketing tools, training, product and service information and customer support tools.

Once you have been accepted as a Connect partner, you can apply to be accredited, based on your sales, customer service and knowledge of Inmarsat services. Accredited partners gain access to more benefits, funding and rewards – and the higher up the accreditation ladder you climb, the greater the range and depth of support you receive.

Accreditation benefits

  • Growth – The higher your accreditation level, the more support and resources you receive to drive sales revenue, including training, customer service, marketing and sales support
  • Credibility – Your accreditation marque – Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze – demonstrates you have a high ranking from Inmarsat
  • Expertise – In-depth training will increase your knowledge of Inmarsat services
  • Competitiveness – Building your strengths will make you more effective in winning Inmarsat business
  • Relationships – Forge stronger links with key people and teams at Inmarsat
  • Alignment – Achieve a greater strategic fit with our marketing activities.

» See the Connect Accreditation Programme brochure to find out more

How to apply

Your company can apply to join the Inmarsat Connect Partner Programme by completing the membership application form.

You will need to show you are currently selling Inmarsat-related products or services, so please ask your distribution partner to email confirming this. If your application is successful, you will be notified via email. For more information on the benefits of becoming a Connect member, contact us: