World’s smallest and lightest BGAN HDR-capable terminal approved

1 December 2014: The world’s smallest and lightest BGAN HDR-capable terminal built by Hughes has been approved for use by Inmarsat.

hughesterminal250x232The 9211-HDR Portable BGAN terminal provides a range of asymmetric high data rates (HDR), with an average speed of 650 kbps and speeds as high as 800 kbps.

Both budget friendly and feature rich, the Hughes 9211-HDR is aimed at media broadcast organisations, government agencies, global relief work organisations (NGOs), mobile healthcare, first responders, and public safety, where quality of service and performance is paramount.

Sleek design

The terminal builds on the success of the popular Hughes 9201, and its sleek one-piece design makes it easy to carry around and to set up quickly in the field.

Features include:

  •  built-in RJ11
  •  multi-user Wi-Fi access
  •  advanced automatic context activation
  •  an active external antenna port which allows future optional connectivity of remote semi-fixed and mobile tracking antennas.

“Inmarsat is dedicated to leading the way in satellite innovation,” said Greg Ewert, President, Enterprise.

Expanding portfolio

“BGAN HDR is a game-changing service delivering superior video quality from anywhere in the world, and broadcasters who have used it are extremely enthusiastic about its capabilities. We are very excited to add the Hughes 9211-HDR terminal to our BGAN HDR portfolio.”

Graham Avis, Vice President and General Manager of Hughes San Diego, said: “With the introduction of the 9211-HDR, we’re building on the 9201’s legacy and expanding our portfolio with a terminal that is smaller and lighter than any other HDR terminal on the market.”

Hughes, the world’s leading provider of satellite broadband for home and office, is the only approved North American BGAN terminal manufacturer.