Why governments need trusted space industry partners

29 April 2020: In a contributed article for Aviation Week, Inmarsat Government’s Senior Vice President for Government Strategy and Policy, Rebecca Cowen-Hirsch, discusses the critical role of collaboration between government and industry leaders to ensure protected, assured satellite communications (SATCOM) access.

Cowen-Hirsch explains how commercial operators are delivering SATCOM capabilities that support multiple industries, including the U.S. federal government, and meeting the unique needs of each of those sectors. Additionally, she explains how leveraging a fully integrated SATCOM architecture between government and industry can increase the security and operational efficacy for global, mobile communications.

“Through industry’s ongoing partnership and collaboration with government leaders, which encompasses balanced risk sharing and mutual investments, trusted commercial SATCOM owner-operators can innovate to complement MILSATCOM with enhanced protection and greater interference mitigation capabilities,” writes Cowen-Hirsch.

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