Transforming SATCOM for government users

17 March 2017: Rebecca Cowen-Hirsch, Inmarsat Senior Vice President for Government Strategy and Policy, U.S. Government Business Unit, discusses the benefits the Department of Defense (DoD) receives as part of its partnership with the satellite communications (SATCOM) industry, in a contributed article for MilsatMagazine.

This alliance enables the U.S. government to augment capabilities while ensuring resilience in space with seamless, satellite-driven mobility, connectivity and functionality. The article outlines the capabilities that help such a partnership thrive including exceptional capacity, redundancy, diversity, protection, scalability and global portability.

Rebecca also discusses how this cooperation delivers increased interoperability among space, terminal and ground segments, at a much more affordable cost than the current acquisition model allows, and at a much higher speed to market than military satellite communications (MILSATCOM) systems, resulting in cost-effective innovation.

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