Swire Pacific Offshore upgrades to FB Unlimited

Offshore oil and gas industry service provider Swire Pacific Offshore (SPO) is upgrading to Inmarsat's FleetBroadband Unlimited plan.

The “all-you-can-eat” service will be deployed on 65 of SPO's vessels by Inmarsat partner Station711, the mobile satellite arm of RRsat Global Communications, and service provider SMTS.

Singapore-based SPO's decision to upgrade from its previous 5GB FleetBroadband (FB) plan was driven by the need to further enhance operational efficiency and meet the demand for crew communication services beyond basic email.

Growing demand
“Reliable communications with good through-put rates is of great importance in our industry,” said Colin Payne, HR Director for Swire Pacific Offshore.

“The upgrade to FB Unlimited from our current FB 5GB plan is expected to meet the immediate needs of an ever-growing demand for connectivity to friends, family and shore-based management.

“New technologies are increasingly 'bandwidth hungry'.

Cost controls
“While we have enjoyed excellent download and upload speeds with our FB 5GB service, to remain competitive and to deliver enhanced crew welfare we needed to increase data allowances while keeping strong cost controls in place.

“FleetBroadband Unlimited gives us the confidence to drive even greater efficiencies without having to continually monitor our usage levels.”

FB Unlimited will assist in areas such as purchasing – encouraging officers and others to use internal and external online services to support the management needs of the vessel.

Free internet
It also meets the demands of SPO's offshore oil and gas customers who require robust and data-heavy communication with its vessels 24/7.

Crew welfare was probably the most important consideration for the upgrade. SPO provides internet access free-of-charge to all members of the crew, averaging 15 per vessel.

“With unlimited access to the internet, we can allow the crew to connect with their family and friends through email and social media platforms,” said Payne.

Quality service
Inmarsat Maritime President Frank Coles commented: “SPO's decision to upgrade to FB Unlimited is a testament to the quality and popularity of the service.

“FB Unlimited is another way in which we are empowering vessel owners and operators to take advantage of the latest on-board technologies, confident in the knowledge that their communications costs are fixed.”

The upgrade for SPO comprises SAILOR FB500 terminals, on-going maintenance and support services, and Station711's value-added smart@sea communication gateway, and customised DPlatform management and control toolset.

FleetBroadband: www.inmarsat.com/services/fleetbroadband
SPO: www.swire.com.sg
Station711: www.station711.com
SMTS: www.smtspl.com