Smart shipping enabled for Nanjing Tankers Corporation

14 April 2016: Inmarsat and Cobham SATCOM partner Beijing Marine Communication & Navigation Company Ltd. (MCN) has won the largest Inmarsat Fleet Xpress installation project to date, with Nanjing Tanker Corporation of China.


Contract signing ceremony with Mr. Zhang Chuan Qin, EVP of NTC (right), and Mr. Song Zhen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for MCN

Just two weeks after the launch of the service, the agreement brings always-on, next generation high-speed broadband capability worldwide to 70 ships; delivering ‘smart shipping’ connectivity to drive performance optimisation and a step change in crew communications and welfare for Nanjing Tanker Corporation (NTC) vessels.

“Nanjing Tanker Corporation has been pivotal in China’s expansion in oil, oil products, specialised chemicals and liquefied petroleum gas transportation,” says Gerbrand Schalkwijk, Chief Sales Officer, Inmarsat Maritime.

Game-changing service

“We are especially pleased that the benefits which Fleet Xpress delivers for vessel efficiency and crew welfare have been acknowledged so quickly after the launch of our game-changing service by one of the companies focused on driving commercial maritime opportunities in China.”

MCN will manage the roll-out of Cobham’s SAILOR 100 GX and SAILOR 60 GX antenna systems to NTC.

“Fleet Xpress with SAILOR antennas will open the way for Nanjing Tanker Corporation to exploit greater use of data and collaboration focused on ‘smart shipping’ applications, including video conferencing, remote vessel assistance/diagnostics, telemedicine, video surveillance and information management systems for maritime ‘big data’ applications,” said Song Zhen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for MCN.

Operational improvements

“As an Inmarsat terminal manufacturer of choice for three decades, our SAILOR Fleet Xpress antenna systems benefit from years of technical and operational experience. With SAILOR on board, Nanjing Tanker Corporation can leverage the full potential of Fleet Xpress, resulting in tangible return on investment and visible operational improvements across its fleet,” said Jan Michelsen, VP Maritime Business Development, Cobham SATCOM.

The choice of SAILOR 60 GX and SAILOR 100 GX supports high reliability and availability of Fleet Xpress communication services for crew, ensuring their ability to contact friends and family, use social media or browse their favourite websites and forums.

With demand for crew voice and data services continuously growing, the field-proven reliability of SAILOR satcom antennas helps vessel owners and operators to get the most from Fleet Xpress, contributing significantly to crew recruitment and retention strategies.

Pivotal role

“Our hardware partners play a pivotal role in the fully integrated services that guarantee ‘always on’ connectivity,” continues Inmarsat’s Gerbrand Schalkwijk. “Inmarsat-tested and type-approved GX satellite antenna are a cornerstone in delivering committed information rates backed-up by service level agreements that ensure customers always receive the service for which they are paying.”

The one-metre SAILOR 100 GX is based on Cobham SATCOM’s sophisticated SAILOR VSAT Technology platform, designed to simplify installation and operation while delivering class leading radio performance through unmatched link stability and service reliability.

The 60cm SAILOR 60 GX leverages an entirely new compact, lightweight carbon fibre composites/aluminium design. By enabling a high-throughput link to Fleet Xpress in a smaller antenna package, SAILOR 60 GX introduces smart shipping applications to smaller platforms, including workboats, fishing vessels and yachts.