SatTV talks Inmarsat

23 March 2020: At SATELLITE 2020, Inmarsat Government’s Senior Vice President for Government Strategy and Policy, Rebecca Cowen-Hirsch spoke with The Satellite Evolution Group’s Richard Hooper about the SATCOM industry.

Rebecca Cowen-Hirsch outlines the roadmap for the future of our Global Xpress fleet, highlighting the recent successful GX5 launch that will expand the fleet’s capabilities. She also discusses our approach to cyber security and how our SATCOM as a Service approach enables U.S. government and military customers to take advantage of our latest offerings without requiring any additional capital expense on their part.

“There is an insatiable demand for [SATCOM] capacity and we want to be ahead of that,” Cowen-Hirsch said. “[Inmarsat] wants to ensure that we don’t leave our users behind. So we’re always backwards compatible while we’re headed towards the future with new technologies.”

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