Rugby charity Africa tour relied on IsatPhone Pro

13 August 2014: Rugby players who have just completed a six month journey through Africa working with disadvantaged children say they always felt safe with Inmarsat’s IsatPhone Pro close at hand.

Bhubesi Pride

The volunteers with Bhubesi Pride, a rugby and community development charity, drove from Ethiopia to South Africa inspiring thousands of boys and girls and their teachers though passing on their rugby skills.

This is the third year the team has used the satellite phone to plan the expedition, and help communicate in times of emergency in remote areas.

Peace of mind

“Even when travelling in rural areas with very rudimentary infrastructure, we were always connected with our IsatPhone Pro,” said Robin Schell-Hammer, Expedition and Logistics Manager.

“Inmarsat and its technology largely contributed to making our journey smoother and more enjoyable for everybody involved.”

Richard Bennett, Bhubesi Pride Founder and Director, added that whatever challenge they faced – whether it was problems with the vehicles, an accident or medical emergency – IsatPhone Pro always gave them peace of mind.

Substantial progress

“I was responsible for the wellbeing of up to 10 people and, without this back-up, I would never have ventured out into the wild with the group,” he said.

“What we delivered in the communities has been beyond expectations and, for me personally, the charity has had more impact and substantial progress than ever before.

“Looking forward, I hope to maximise on the success of this year for future projects; not only in rugby, but in the form of long-term legacy-driven projects building on the efforts of four years of hard work by our participating volunteers and our key sponsors and supporters.”

Sustainable development

Bhubesi Pride aims to unite boys and girls by addressing health education and life skills as well as empower local teaching staff by providing equipment, resources, training and knowledge.

It also aims to inspire sustainable development by encouraging young leaders and building relevant relationships throughout Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa.

Richard said: “We’re currently recruiting sports-loving volunteers for our 2015 coaching team in Africa. Why not try something truly adventurous and apply for the chance to be part of the Pride, safe in the knowledge we’re constantly backed by Inmarsat!”

Bhubesi Pride: